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Daily Worship
Dave Kennedy (Worship)

Dave Kennedy Lives in Parker Colorado and started pastoring Newday right out of seminary in 2000.  Newday is a vibrant church that is involved deeply in serving their community, as well as partnering with and serving communities around the world.  They have a 10-year relationship with a community in Rwanda through World Vision.  They have also been involved with the community in Iquitos, Peru since 2007.  They are a radically generous church, and because they own no property, they are able to give most of their money away to people in need and organizations making an impact around the world.

Dave has been married for the past 23 years to Kim, the love of his life.  They enjoy traveling together, serving together, laughing together, hosting guests, golfing and dining out. They have 2 boys.  Luke has just completed his sophomore year at Walla Walla University.  Logan just completed his sophomore year at Mile High Academy in Denver. David is working on his doctorate in executive leadership, and has plans to climb to Mount Everest Base-camp this fall.

The Hyper-Connected Life: We live in a digital age, where information bombards us through a variety of devices.  Smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops all connect us to Google, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  What effect does all of this have on our minds, on our relationships, on our work habits, on our spirituality?  Is all of this technology making me more productive, or simply more distracted?  Take control of technology, before technology takes control of you!

*   Wednesday Morning:  “Living with Information Overwhelm”
*   Thursday Morning” “Here is Better than There.  Now is Better than Then.”
*   Friday Morning:  “Tethered to Technology”